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Cenotes Playa Del Carmen

Cenotes Playa Del Carmen

For ideas in Cenotes Playa del Carmen to really enjoy the unique attractions of the Rivera Maya with some been cave concepts, other open concepts like small lakes and others drop holes to enjoy a good scuba diving.


The cenotes in the Riviera Maya area are underground, fresh water rivers and caves. These amazing fresh water underground river systems are great for swimming, snorkel, diving or simply relaxing in.

The two most popular cenotes are;

Dos Ojos

    One of the best cenotes for diving purposes, taking you to through the mystories of caves and underwater currents of this great mystical formation.

Cenote Azul

    an open concept cenote with a 50 ft rock to jump off into the water and a great place to soak up the sun follow by a second cenote 2 mins away, walking through a house all the way to the back where a small mystical cave awaits to be discover.

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