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 Playa del Carmen to Isla Mujeres

To get from Playa del Carmen to Isla Mujeres, there are only two ways.  Either you take transportation to Cancun Hotel Zone and catch the ferry to cross over.  The second way is to hire a Catamaran Tour or Private Catamaran to Isla Mujeres.  Enjoy a booze cruise to Isla Mujeres with everything included. 

  • Open bar
  • nonprivate transportation
  • marine taxes
  • music
  • snorkeling
  • 7-hour tour
  • with time to explore the island a bit

Isla Mujeres is located across from Cancun about a 3-hour sailing ride to get there from the coastline of Cancun.  Whatever option you decide will be based on whether you want to stay there or if you are coming back the same day.

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Things to do in Isla Mujeres


  • Rent a car or a scooter to go around the island.

    With beautiful views on the south part of the island to get to and enjoy.  Also, a turtle Sanctuary where they save and keep turtles alive.

  • Playa Norte Isla Mujeres

Enjoy the white sand and building free beaches on the north side of the island and have a refreshing coconut.


  • Go on a snorkeling tour to see all the colorful sea life around.

Tulum to Isla Mujeres

Whether you want to go to Isla Mujeres from Playa del Carmen or from Tulum.  There is only two way to get there depending on whether you want to go for the day or spend a few days there.

In conclusion, you can enjoy an all-inclusive catamaran day trip or get a type of transportation whether taxi, bus or private van to get you to the ferry in Cancun.  Then catch the ferry over to Isla Mujeres which takes about an hour to get there, whether you have accomidation booked and ready or to look for it at arrival.

For other private boat rental options to get from Playa del Carmen to Isla Mujeres.  Even though it is a long time on a boat rental from Playa del Carmen, it is still a possibility.  Check out some boat options that can take you from Playa del Carmen to Isla Mujeres.  All-inclusive rides of 12-hour rentals to enjoy the trip with your favorite drinks in hand.