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Playa del Carmen Best Boat and Yacht Rentals

37 ft Boat Yacht
4 Hours
37-ft Boat Yacht  A small yacht with special price for 1-5 people Rental Price: 990 USD /4 hou...

Luxury Yacht of 47-ft length
4 Hours
47-ft Luxury Yacht A Luxury 47ft Azimut yacht in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.   Price:&n...

large 58-ft yacht
4 Hours
58-ft Large Yacht Yacht of 58-ft of length with a capacity of up to 43 people for any celebration. ...

Luxury Yacht 51 feet long
4 Hours
 Luxury Sea Ray 51-ft Yacht Luxury 51-ft Sea Ray yacht with leather couches and a great option ...

36ft Catamaran
4 Hours
 36 foot Catamaran  Great luxury catamaran option in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya. &n...

Super Yacht
4 Hours
Super Yacht (80-ft) 80-ft large yacht Riviera Maya.   Rental Price:  1995 USD / 4 hours /...

Yacht La Consentida
4 Hours
Yacht La Consentida This boat rental call La Consentida 42 ft sea ray yacht is an option that meets ...

Boat Rental Playa del Carmen is one of the Best things to do in the Riviera Maya

Boat rental Playa del Carmen is a way to fully enjoy your vacation in this little paradise.  You might have been wondering what to do in Playa del Carmen or what can complete your vacation.  There are very affordable boats for rent at Playa del Carmen and the good news is that you don’t need to worry about food or drinks since its all-inclusive. If you love boating and snorkeling, then this is the best place to be with so many different reefs to snorkel in and sea life to see.   The Caribbean is one of the best places to go boating whether for fishing, snorkeling, partying or just a relax day on the ocean. So you can not go wrong y renting a boat in Playa del Carmen.

A bit of history about Playa del Carmen

Now a resort city with a coastline in the Riviera Maya was never such a big tourist destination nor a big boat rental place.  In the 80s when Cancun exploded with resorts and bridges, a ferry to Cozumel was stablished from Playa del Carmen.  So as they set up a wooden dock to take people on this ferry to Cozumel.  Playa was becoming a fishing town and as it became the center of the Riviera Maya, the city soon became a big attraction to all kinds of tourism.  Now with over 30 luxury boats going out every day on private tours and another 100s of fishing boats at its closest Marina called Puerto Aventura.   Playa del Carmen is now a big boat rental place taking people to the best reefs to live a piece of the white coral and colorful sea life.  

    playa del carmen boat rental

    Luxury yacht at playa Del Carmen

    It is very important to be aware of the fact that you will never miss finding that luxurious yacht in Playa del Carmen. If you enjoy a more comfortable high-end service than, that is what you get in the different options of luxury yacht packages available here.

    Catamaran Playa del Carmen

    If you are more of a sailor and love the sailboats, then a catamaran might be your best option.  Sail Playa del Carmen and enjoy a more relaxing boating trip with the cocktails of your choice and the service of a luxury yacht.  To find a small catamaran in Playa del Carmen is difficult but your second best option is the non private catamaran tours in the area.

    Catamaran Playa del Carmen

    fishing playa del carmen

    Playa del Carmen Fishing

    Far from being a place where unique sceneries are common, Playa del Carmen also has a big fishing culture to offer.  With different fishing boat options to meet your group needs for an amazing fishing trip while drinking beers with the boys.

    Fishing boat rentals playa del carmen

    fishing boat rentals to accommodate your fishing needs.  With wrestling chairs and trolling set up for a professional fishing trip in Playa del Carmen


    Playa Del Carmen Yacht Rental

    Playa Del Carmen yacht rentals is a must to do here, in order to say that you been to the Riviera Maya. It is a great way to celebrate any special occasion: birthday, bachelorette, bachelor, wedding, cocktail party, sunset cruise, engagement and more.

    All of our Yacht and Boat rentals include food, drinks, music, marine taxes and some extras to make your yachting experience more enjoyable.


    • Food
    • Cocktails
    • Open bar
    • Marine Taxes
    • Music


    Boat Tours Playa del Carmen

    With tours to Cozumel, Tulum, and reefs around Paya del Carmen to provide you a way to visit all these wonderful locations on board of a sailing boat, yacht, catamaran, and even fishing boat.

    • Sunset tour 
    • Cozumel tour
    • Tulum Tour
    • Reef Ihna snorkeling tour
    • Playa del Carmen shoreline cruise
    • Party Tour

    Sunset Cruise

    This is also an opportunity where you can go out in the sea for a refreshing sunset cruise.  Because seeing a Sunset in Playa del Carmen from a boat it is priceless for sure.  Anyone who has done it will tell you how spectacular it is to have a cocktail laying on the front of a luxury yacht as the sunsets.  You can take the paddleboards in our luxury yacht to paddle the calm waters of the Mexican Caribbean.


     Boat Charter Playa del Carmen

    Whether a boat charter or a private tour enjoy the comfort of our luxury boats in the Riviera Maya with some much to offer.  Anchor at the different ports and marines in the area, at only minutes away from each other, to provide you with the accessibility to meet your needs.

    Top Boat Rentals Playa del Carmen

    There are so many different options for boats and yachts in Playa del Carmen.  But there are only a few that come on top of the others. 

    •  luxury 80ft yacht to meet any large group needs
    • a 51 foot Azimut luxury yacht for medium groups
    • 42 feet Se ray Consentida yacht 
    • 37 foot Four Winns for smaller groups


    Marina and Ports close Playa del Carmen

    1. Puerto Aventura is only 20- 25 min drive from Playa del Carmen, located just south from Playa del Carmen and north from Tulum.  It is the closest Marine to Playa del Carmen and where the most fun tours and boat rentals are at.
    2. Playa Maroma is about 35 min drive, located north from Playa del Carmen
    3. Puerto Morelos is about 45 min drive, located closer to Cancun area but still very accessible for boat rental  
    4. Cancun is about 60 min drive, located in hotel zone cancun, with great boat rentals to Isla Mujeres

    Getting to your boat rental 

    We can help you organize your transportation to your yacht, catamaran or boat in Playa del Carmen.  This way we can be in touch with pick up times and where to go with transportation.   

    If you are renting a boat in Playa del carmen

    Find a company that you can trust and that are professionals in the yachting world.  Do not run the risk of having a horrible yachting experience, especially with boats that have not full permits to transport people and take you around the Riviera Maya.  Also, make sure the yachts have enough snorkeling equipment for all of the people in your group.  In conclusion many boats in the area are not fully equipt with permits, gear, and even professional staff.