Frequently Asked Questions in Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You might find an answer in this Frequently Asked Questions to your questions about Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya or you can always contact us.

How do I get from the airport to playa?

Well, there are different ways of doing so, but the easiest way is to catch the bus ADO that leaves out of terminal 2 and 3 directly to the heart of Playa del Carmen,
If you want us to pick you up from the airport contact us we can have one of our representatives waiting for you!

What are Cenotes?

Cenotes are underground rivers that collapse and now form caves where you swim in and get to see a beautiful rock formation underwater.

Can you study Spanish in Playa del Carmen?

Yes, a lot of people come from different universities around the world to learn Spanish.

What is the mix of people in playa del Carmen like?

We are very multicultural, we get people from all of the world, all the way from New Zealand, Australia, Korea to Europe, South America and North America.

Where can you get cheap food in Playa del Carmen?

All the restaurants on 5th ave which are the shopping street are nice but are expensive, to get cheap food you have to step off to 10th st which runs parallel with 5th ave to get more local prices.

Are there any weekly memberships at gyms?

There are about 5 gyms in playa some more expensive than others but all of them offer weekly memberships and day pass.

What is the best beach in Playa Del Carmen?

Mamitas is considered one of the best beaches but more for the commodity of beds on the beach and restaurant/bar atmosphere but if you are looking for a more relax bring your own drinks and through your towel on the sand kind of beach than in front of wikis which is on 10th st and the beach is your perfect area.

Is it dangerous to come to the Riviera Maya?

Here is like any other tourist place only if you do the wrong thing with the wrong people but for the most part, it is very safe and with try to be with you at most of your outings to make you feel even safer. We understand that the media magnifies a lot of what happens in Mexico and in different countries but here in the Riviera Maya, it is quite safe!

How much do you think I would spend on my vacation?

Well if you have a plane and an all-inclusive hotel then you might not need more than 600 USD if you are planning on doing tours, going out to a party but that is only if you know how to do it. At the Hotels, they try to charge an arm and a leg and that is how Playa Del Carmen Connect became an idea because we connect you directly to the tour companies not the sellers at the hotels who overcharge.

How is the weather in Playa Del Carmen?

For the most part hot and sometimes humid, main point coats are not really needed in playa year round!

How can I choose my hotel or pick the area where to stay in Playa Del Carmen?

There is a lot of options but we recommend close to the downtown of Playa del Carmen if you want to go out to the clubs, shopping or just want to explore the city because there is a lot of hotels far away from the main city and transportation can become expensive! For recommended hotels email us!

What places are a must to visit in Playa del Carmen?

Places we recommend, are Akumal (to snorkel with the turtles in the wild), Tulum for its great ocean view with pyramids right on cliff drop of the ocean, Chichenitza for its mystical and mathematical concept, Cenotes for their magic of underground rivers that connect to the ocean, Xcaret for its great night show of Mexican culture, Xelha for its more natural richness and at night we recommend, Playa Crawl to get the whole scope of the nightlife in playa del Carmen and Cancun, and Coco bongo for its unique shows.

What can Playa del Carmen Connect help me with?

Well, we can plan your vacation, all the way from picking you up at the airport to find you a condominium, hostel, hotel, or resort. We can take you out to make you feel comfortable wherever you go,. We make sure you don’t get rid of at the hotels with overcharge tours. Our concept is more like a friend you met on vacation and you are coming back to this friend who will take care of you while you are here.

How can we get to Marina Puerto Aventuras?

If you have rented a boat in Playa del Carmen and are wondering how to get to your rental.  The best recommendation is to hire private transportation. Even though there are other ways of getting there the best is this.  That way you get picked up at your location and directly to the boat or yacht. 

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