Playa del Carmen Transportation with Playa del Carmen Connect

Playa del Carmen Transportation Methods

There are many ways to travel around and explore in this beautiful Mexican state. One of the tourists’ concerns when going to Mexico is safety. Playa del Carmen is a secure destination for tourists, and it attracts many visitors each year. If you don’t know how to speak Spanish, no worries because English is widely spoken.


To explore Playa Del Carmen beautiful spots, you need transportation to take you there. Whether a bus, taxi, colectivos, motorcycle, or car rentals, you’ll find your preferred transportation.


Here is a list of transportation methods to get around Playa



There are many taxis available, and the fare is not expensive. There are taxi stands everywhere Playa del Carmen. When it comes to the fare, it is fixed, there are no meters. So, before setting off to your hotel ask for some information to bell boys about the taxi fares. The taxis in Playa del Carmen appears in turquoise stripes and if your driver runs a bit faster, you can tell them despacio (deh-spa-see-oh), which means slow down.



An excellent, cheap, fast, and secure method of transportation for getting around the Mayan Riviera is via colectivo. The colectivos are mini-vans, and it mostly travels between towns along Mexico’s Federal Highway – Carretera Highway 307. 



ADO is the local bus, and the central Playa del Carmen bus station is located at 5th Avenue and Juarez street. The first-class buses offer wireless internet, air conditioning, and comfortable seating.

Accessible routes with tourists are Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum. 



In Playa del Carmen, you will see many people riding bicycles, but you are not allowed to bike on 5th avenue. You can bike on the 10th avenue, along the 10th avenue you can rent bicycles, and all-inclusive hotels will offer bicycles, especially when you are closer to town. 



Car Rental in Playa is also available. So, if you are renting a car, please take all the insurance offered and read the following tips below.

  • It is allowed to go right on a red light.
  • Drive carefully when it rains. The highways are very slippery.
  • You will struggle with an abundance of speed bumps.
  • Honking is typical and not considered impolite. 
  •  For your safety, close your windows, lock your doors, and avoid leaving valuables in the car.


Tucsa buses 

When traveling within the city of Playa del Carmen, there are city buses – Tucsa buses. Some colectivos specifically run along Playa’s main highways. Fares range up to 5 to 10 pesos per person. Make sure to bring the exact change.



If you are looking for a luxurious mode of transportation, then you can get a limousine service or rent. Ensure that you have understood the terms and conditions before you get one.

 Boat Rentals in Playa del Carmen

Another option to move around the are is on a boat rental, for example, to go to Cozumel and back or even to go visit the beautiful reefs.  Which are only accessible on boat.



The ferries to either Cozumel or Isla Mujeres the only ways to get to these islands aside from a plane and a regular bot rental tour.   The terminals are located in the heart of playa del carmen and at the entrance of the hotel zone of Cancun.